Pablo is a postdoc at the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS) at Universidad Catolica de Chile, a Visiting Fellow at the Latin America and Caribbean Centre at LSE and and Visiting Scholar at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. He is also co-founder of the experimental big-data analysis platform Urban-Experiment.com.  Pablo holds an Architecture Degree (equivalent to RIBA parts 1, 2 and 3) from the Universidad de Chile, a double MSc in Urban Policy from Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics (LSE), and a PhD in Regional and Urban Planning from LSE. Pablo taught courses on urban policy and design at the Universidad San Sebastian (Chile) as well as courses on qualitative and quantitative research methods at LSE..


Pablo’s research focuses on urban policy rationality and impact. His early research focused on urban recycling strategies for the inclusion of waste-picking in solid waste management in Santiago of Chile. The results showed the benefits of government support on social mobility, leading him to extend his research to other informal sectors, notably street vending and home-based enterprises, during his PhD. Pablo's research used a triangulation of qualitative and quantitative methods and concluded that supporting informal enterprises may be the most effective way of promoting the Sustainable Development Objective of decent work in a context of globally spread and expanding informality.


Pablo's current research involves two principal projects. First, one project brings forward his research at the intersection of urban policy and employment. A dimension of this work includes the policy evaluation of different policy approaches towards the informal economy in Santiago de Chile and, more recently, in Bogota resulting in publications in World Development and Investigaciones Regionales. Pablo is currently completing a paper (Journal of Development Studies, with Mathew Alford) discussing the distribution and capture of value in formal and informal value chains analysing the trade networks of street vendors in Chile. Second, his research looks at how unequal access to urban space and public services is generated as well as its impact on people´s opportunities. A first stream of this research explores how half a century of neoliberal reforms in Santiago de Chile have built “systems of urban accumulation” of opportunities in wealthy urban areas (revise & resubmit in Antipode, with Fernando Toro). Another stream explores the causal impact of unequal urban environments on people´s perceived quality of life (happiness, safety and stress) by using experimental methods and biometric measurements.


His urban policy research has received many recognitions. At the 2015 Academy of Economics and Finance conference in Jacksonville (Florida), Pablo was awarded the first prize for the best paper in Economics. In 2015, he was also awarded one out of the three “Strictly Come Researching” prizes for PhD students at the LSE Research Festival. In 2016, his research on social housing policy and employment, co-authored with Nicolas Navarrete, was awarded a prize in the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) international competition “Habitat and Urban Development”. In 2017, his research on access to pension (co-authored with Enrico Miglino, Nicolas and Gonzalo Navarrete) won again the prize awarded by CAF. His research on the causal impact of urban environment on citizens´ perception was selected for the XX Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chile in 2017 and the 2018 Beirut Design Week. This research also obtained a £40,000 grant from the Chilean Enterprise Promotion Corporation (CORFO). More recently, he was offered the prestigious 2018 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Seal of Excellence by the European Comission for his research on informal entrepreneurship.


Finally, Pablo worked as an architect and urban planner in the private and public sector, in the local and central government. In particular, he worked as an architect for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development of Chile and the Atelier Jean Nouvel in Paris, as chief town planner at La Cisterna Council in the Santiago Metropolitan Region and as a senior transport planner for the Ministry of Transport of Chile. In 2013, Pablo was appointed as the urban and regional policy advisor of the President of Chile Michelle Bachelet's presidential campaign, leading the housing, urban planning and regional development sections of the manifesto proposed by President Bachelet. His policy proposals were then implemented by the Ministries of Housing and Urban Development, Economy, Environment, Transport and Public Land.


Research Interest

Urban Policy, Planning and Design

Urban Wellbeing

Informal Urbanisation and Informal Economy
Housing Policy


Urban Experiments is research platform designed to value the impact of urban attributes and city interventions in citizen's quality of life. We use a on-line experimental design and bio-metrical measurements to make estimates obtaining reliable estimates on improvement/deterioration of quality of life made by an urban intervention.


We aim to create an objective planning tool to guarantee that urban projects add to city quality life. We do this by:


-Advancing scientific research on the impact of urban projects on quality of life.

-Producing scientific-based recommendation to the public sector on urban interventions that cities more livable.

-Evaluating the impact and providing design recommendation to different projects to enhance their impact on quality of live.

Our Added Value to Existing Products:

Scientific planning analysis

Ex-ante evaluation of projects

Reliable Estimates

Specific to the project valuation

Low costs

Papers and Policy Documents


Navarrete, P. & Laffan K. 2019. A greener urban environment: Designing green infrastructure interventions to promote citizens’ subjective wellbeing. Landscape and Urban Planning 109.

Navarrete, P., & Toro, F., 2019Urban Systems of Accumulation: Half a Century of Chilean Neoliberal Urban Policies. Antipode 51, 899-926.

Miglino, E., Navarrete, N., & Navarrete, G & Navarrete, P., 2018. Money can buy me life. The Effect of a Basic Pension on Mortality: a Regression Discontinuity Design. Latin American Development Bank (CAF). Buenos Aires: CAF.

Navarrete, P., & Navarrete, N., 2018. Unleashing Waste-Pickers’ Potential: Supporting Recycling Cooperatives in Santiago de Chile. World Development, 101, 293-310.

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Navarrete, P., 2016. De Cartoneros a Recicladores Urbanos: El Rol de las Políticas Locales en Mejorar la Sustentabilidad de los Recolectores de Base. Investigaciones Regionales, 35, 83-106.

Navarrete, P., 2015. From Scavengers to Urban Recyclers: Supporting Scavengers in Santiago de Chile. Academy of Economics and Finance Journal, 6, 93-105.



From Survival to Social Mobility: Supporting the Informal Economy in Santiago de Chile. A thesis submitted to the Department of Geography and Environment of the London School of Economics for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, London, July 2017


Miglino, E., Navarrete, N., Navarrete, G. and Navarrete, P. The direct and spillover effects of a basic pension program for the elderly poor in Chile. Quarterly Journal of Economics (under review)

Navarrete, P. & Alford, M. Informal Value Chains: The rise of informal-informal trade networks and its implications for development- the case of feriantes in Chile. 

Navarrete, P. Decent work at Home: Supporting Home-Based Enterprises in Santiago de Chile.

Navarrete, P. Decent Work on the Streets: Supporting Feriantes in Santiago de Chile.




Navarrete, P., 2016. If You Can’t Beat Them, Support Them: Why Sustaining Informal Enterprises is Key to Promoting Decent Work. LSE-Institute of Public Affairs Papers Series.

Navarrete, P., 2013. Vivir Juntos: De la Desigualdad a un Territorio Justo e Inclusivo. Santiago: Propuesta Programática Michelle Bachelet Presidenta. 


Awards and Scholarships 

2019                  Marie Sklodowska-Curie Seal of Excellence. European Comission

2018                  Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. Leverhulme Trust. (168.000 USD) (offered)

2018                  Start-Up Seeds. Chilean Productivity Corporation (CORFO). (40.000 USD) 

2017                  Winner of the Health for Social Inclusion in Latin America Competition, Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), ARG. (15.000 USD)  2017                  Runner-Up, LSE Enterprise Generate Competition, UK                                                                     

2016                  Oxford Development Studies Bursary, University of Oxford, UK                                                      

2016                  Winner of the Habitat & Urban Development Competition, Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), ARG. (15,000 USD)                    

2015                  Doctoral Research Winner, LSE Research Festival, LSE, UK (3,830 USD)                                             

2015                  Best PhD Paper in Economics, Academy of Economics and Finance, USA                                        

2014                  Travel Research Scholarship, LSE-Santander, UK (3,200 USD)                                                                           

2013 - 2017       Full PhD Scholarship (2013-2017), LSE, UK  (183,800 USD)                                                                       

2013                  Full PhD Luskin Fellowship (2013-2016), UCLA, USA (offered) (73,000 USD)                                                                                      2013 - 2014       PhD Nominate Fulbright Scholarship, Chile (offered)                                                          

2010                  Best Dissertation: MSc in Urban and Regional Planning, LSE, UK                                                     

2008                  President of Chile Scholarship, Full Graduate Scholarship (2008-2010), Government of Chile (57,320 USD)             

2008                  Runner-Up Professional Degree Competition, XVI Santiago Biennal of Architecture, Chile

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